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Anthology of 20th century Cuban music, including music by Lecuona, Brouwer, Fariñas, Ubieta, Angulo and Ardévol.


1 La Comparsa (Afro-Cuban Dances)
Composed By – Ernesto Lecuona
2 Danza Lucumi (Afro-Cuban Dances)
Composed By – Ernesto Lecuona
3 A La Antigua (Cuban Dances)
Composed By – Ernesto Lecuona
4 Preludio (Suite No.2)
Composed By – Leo Brouwer
5 Canción Triste
Composed By – Carlos Fariñas
6 Preludio
Composed By – Carlos Fariñas
7 New York Rush (Theme From 'El Super')
Composed By – Enrique Ubieta
  Cantos Yoruba De Cuba
Composed By – Héctor Angulo*
8 I. Asokere I  
9 II. Suayo  
10 III. Iyá Mí Ilé  
11 IV. Borotití  
12 V. Asokere II  
13 VI.Iyá Mó Dupé  
14 VII. Yeye Bi Obi Tosuo  
15 VIII. E Lekua  
16 IX. Asokere III  
  Sonata For Guitar
Composed By – José Ardevol
17 I. Preludio  
18 II. Variaciones  
19 III. Danza  
  Rito De Los Orishas
Composed By – Leo Brouwer
20 I. Exordium-conjuro  
21 II. Danza De Las Diosas Negras (Danza I, Danza II, Evocación I, Evocación II, Danza III)  


"Five Stars ***** It's an extraordinary musical achievement."

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